…non solo istruire, ma formare alla vita.

Maddalena di Canossa


The wide spread of centers and area of interest allows to keep a global view and to act locally in partnership with relevant stakeholders in different fields. Indeed, ENAC has developed strong partnerships with several stakeholders at European, national, regional and local level.

Through its VET centers, ENAC promotes different activities:

  • IVET courses and Adult education programmes in different sectors (Graphics and Communication, Administration, Health and Social services, Tourism and Catering, Agri-food, Hairdressing and Beauty, Fashion);

  • Vocational guidance and job placement services;

  • Activities to improve social inclusion for disadvantage people;

  • Evaluation and quality monitoring tools development;

  • Re-qualifications and professional retraining, especially for those persons excluded from the labour market or at risk of social esclusion;

  • Professional training to women, to promote gender equality.