ENAC considers that participating in European projects could facilitate the modernization and the internationalization of its own educational realities, with the aim of improving personal and professional development of students and staff and increasing the exchange of best practices among European organizations.

Key Action 1 - Learning Mobility

Transnational mobility is a great opportunity to increase professional competences.
This experience includes moving abroad towards Programme Countries to implement educational activities in different labour contests.
A unique opportunity to discover new realities and to be approach the world of work.

Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships

Partnership projects among different organizations aimed at increasing the quality of education and professional training; to raise the standard in training and learning and to innovate educational practices.

Key Action 3 - Policy reform

Activities aimed at reaching the objectives of European political agenda concerning education, training and youth policy.

Jean Monnet

Actions sustaining and promoting excellence in teaching and research dealing within the field of European Union studies. In particular, they aim to promote discussion on EU issues and to strengthen knowledge about the EU and its procedures.

Forward Looking Projects

Projects contributing to promote sustainable, inclusive and digital vocational education and training


Projects contributing to the development of the European dimension in sport and leading to increased levels of participation and the promotion of physical activity.